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Über uns

About us:

Speexx is the benchmark for excellence in corporate language training. We use ground-breaking AI technology to provide language skills testing, training and continuous performance support to large organizations everywhere - all within a safe online environment.

Our blended learning concept, built of AI technology and real-life coaches, allows us to provide our customers an individualized training program. Therefore, the worlds leading brands and 1,500 organizations worldwide use Speexx to learn a language smarter and deliver results on time.

As a successful global organization, Speexx feels obliged to give something back to society. We have therefore initiated a number of campaigns to make a difference, not only in climate protection, but also as part of the United Nations Global Compact.


Our Mission:

We use active and thought-provoking discussions with our clients and employees to build our mission continuously.

With customers in 80 countries and employees from 17 different nations, we embrace a trustful cooperation between different cultures and religions. This is a fundamental principle of our values.

We assure our customers employment, and we support their integration into the labour market with the permanent, market-orientated development of our offers.

It is our daily mission to improve each and every business process.

Our most important assets are the creativity and innovation of our employees and customers.

Ensuring our customers full satisfaction is paramount for us.


Our Values

Speexx is based on common values which define our companys identity.

They express who we are as a company, what we believe is important and the values we want to stand for.

  • Connection: Communicate, collaborate, and connect.
  • Innovation: Celebrate challenges as opportunities for innovation
  • Curiosity: Be curious, have fun, do good
  • Change: See the bigger picture and embrace change.
  • Openness: Cherish cultural differences


Become a Speexxie and bring in your own perspective and ideas on how we can make the world a more connected and respectfull place!




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