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MAS Seeds – Act together for a changing agriculture

Zahlen & Fakten


500 -999




Europe, America, Africa



50 Millionen Euro und mehr


Land-, Forst-, Fischwirtschaft


  • Wirtschaftswissenschaften
  • Naturwissenschaften / Informatik

Über uns

With more than 70-year experience in seed business and today, MAS Seeds is structured around three core activities to best serve our growers:

  • R&D including hybrid breeding for maize, sunflower and the development of diversified crop offerings
  • SEED PRODUCTION as one of Europe's key hybrid seed producers
  • MARKETING & CUSTOMER SUPPORT in continental Europe, Africa, Asia and America

These pillars drive our purpose and shape our mission.

We want to work with farmers to help them feed a growing global population, by better equipping them to face the climatic and agronomic challenges of growing. To do this we develop high performance seed varieties, source the best seed applied technologies and help develop digital tools to support sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission is to provide an innovative and sustainable seed portfolio for cereal and cattle growers.

We develop and produce high performing corn and sunflower varieties, and provide a diversified crop portfolio, seed applied solutions and digital services that contributes to sustainable agriculture.