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Customer account

How can I reset my password?

In the login area, click on „Did you forget your password?“. After you have entered your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail to reset your password. Please follow the instructions in the email. If you have requested several e-mails, please only follow the link of the latest e-mail.

Can I change my username?

You cannot currently change your username yourself. Please inform us by e-mail of your customer number and your current username, as well as the new username. We will inform you as soon as the change has been completed and you can log in with your new username.

I can’t log in anymore - what now?

Please make sure to log in with your username and password. Your username does not necessarily correspond to your email address. If you have forgotten your login details, you can request them again via the corresponding link (also see „How can I reset my password“). You will find your username in the e-mail you received for resetting your password.

How can I delete my customer account?

Please inform us in writing by e-mail if your customer account is to be deleted. We need your customer number and your username for this. Please note that it is also possible to merge your customer account with an existing company account. This means that you will not lose any advertisements that you have already placed. You will then find them in the archive of your account, which will remain. To do this, we need your customer number and the username of the accounts that are to be merged. Please make it clear which account should remain.

Contractor information

Recipient: Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm Bank: Bayerische Landesbank Swift/BIC: BYLADEMMXXX IBAN: DE65 7005 0000 1301 1903 15 BLZ (sort code) : 700 500 00 Account Number: 1301 1903 15 VAT no.: DE 222 858 358 Tax no.: 241/114/80520 EORI-Nr: DE5869765 Terms of payment: 10 Tage net / Net 10 Commercial register entry: No We would like to note that the TH Nuremberg is a public corporation according to Art.11 Para.1 Sentence 1 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act. The Company Registration No. is therefore not relevant, as TH Nuremberg is not registered in the commercial register. Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Niels Oberbeck, President of the Nuremberg University of Technology: Georg Simon Ohm Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences, as a public corporation, is bound by law and justice according to the principle of the "primacy of the law" from Article 20 of the Basic Law. In addition, there are laws and the Free State of Bavaria's own guidelines that regulate the conduct of the Free State's employees.

Company Profiles

What could my Company Profile look like?

With the company profile you have the opportunity to present your company with your company history, pictures and possible benefits. Take the opportunity and talk about yourself so that students and applicants can get to know you better as a company. Substantiate your external presentation with a catchy slogan that suits your company and that will be remembered later. Your company will be displayed on our frontpage with your company logo and a short teaser text in alternation with other companies. You can choose your own title and enter a short, concise sentence in the text field or pick up your company slogan again. Please do not place any links in this text, these belong in your company profile. We kindly ask you to refrain from recruitment-specific information in the company profile. Instead, advertise as a job ad on our university job exchange so that they are perceived as concrete vacant positions and reflect the current need for new employees. Job advertisements of your company appear not only in the job listings but additionally below your company profile.

Placing an Ad

How can I post an advertisement?

To do this, you must register once free of charge. Click here to do so. As soon as you have fully set up your customer account, you can get started.

Which category best suits my job offer?

Internship during degree programme This refers to all types of internships that take place during a student's current degree course. These can be practical semesters that are part of the degree program itself and also voluntary internships. However, compulsory internships must be approved as such by the internship officer. Students have the responsibility to clarify this before signing a contract. Working alongside their studies Work-study job is subject-related and is based on the content of their degree course or on related subjects. Job for students do not have to be subject-related. Backelor's or Master's thesis If possible, a topic for the thesis should be specified. However, it is also possible to determine the topic together with the student. In this case, the subject areas of the thesis should at least be specified. Position for doctoral candidates In this category you can advertise offers for PhD positions. If possible, the subject of the dissertation or at least the subject area should be mentioned. Position für dual degree programme This category is reserved for our partner universities. A dual study programme consists of practical training in a company combined with academic study at a university. Job for graduates Jobs that are specifically tailored to our graduates. Work experience is not necessary. Position that requires initial work experience Work experience is mandatory for the position. Job for university dropouts In this category, for example, apprenticeships are offered, but also jobs where a degree is not required. Trainee programme Usually, these are positions where graduates work in several departments of a company for period of up to 2 years. This will prepare them for their future job in the company. Subsequent employment is offered which is usually in a managerial position. Co-founders wanted In this category you can advertise if you have a good idea and would like to start up a business, but you have not yet found the right co-founders. You can find out which requirements apply in order to use the free start-up services under the menu item 'Bonus for start-ups' in the 'For companies' section.

Which file format and file size are accepted?

You can post your advertisement as a PDF file or HTML text. PDF files can be uploaded with a maximum size of 10 MB.

How do I know which faculty is the best match for my job offer?

A wide variety of degree programmes are offered at each faculty of each partner university. As these are subject to change, you should check the homepage of the respective university if you are in any doubt. There you will find detailed information on the individual degree programmes. The Career Services of our will also be able to give you more information.

Can I store several work locations?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. However, we are working on a solution. Until then, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can definitely provide you with a temporary solution.

Can an internal order number be stored?

Yes. You can enter your order number in step 6 of the advertisement creation process. This will also be printed on the invoice.

Can several categories be selected for an advertisement?

Not at the moment. Please contact us so that we can find a suitable solution together.

How do I redeem my voucher?

You can redeem the voucher code on the last page of the advertisement setup. Please note that this voucher is for an advertisement. Any outstanding balance will be forfeited and cannot be transferred to another advertisement. Vouchers cannot be redeemed retrospectively.