FAQ - Students


Praxistage/work experience days - what is that?

Companies and organizations offer you excursions, presentations, laboratory projects, case studies, discussions and much more. They not only give you insights into the working world, but also take you right into it: Praxistage are “join-in days.“ Provided there are enough offers for your field, you can get to know 10 different companies or organizations during these 10 days.

Why should I participate in Praxistage?

Praxistage help you exploring your options for your internship, your graduation thesis, a working student position or your career after graduation. Think about later now! Contacts made now might be valuable in the future.

How do I find my Praxistage?

You can filter the catalog by study discipline, region, day and type of event (digital or face-to-face). Each company logo will bring you to an individual program description of the Praxistag, including contact information for registering and other additional information.

How do I register for Praxistage?

You register directly with the companies for the desired Praxistag. All relevant information and contact details can be found in the pdf files provided.

Until when can I register?

Some companies and organizations have set a registration deadline. You can find this on the pdf file. If the deadline has already expired, please ask anyway if you can still participate! If no deadline is set, you can register until the date of the Praxistag.

How do I see if a Praxistag is already fully booked?

If we receive info that the practice day is already fully booked, it will be displayed next to the company name/logo.

What happens if a Praxistag is cancelled or can no longer take place in presence?

If a company cancels the Praxistag, it will be displayed next to the company name/logo. Students who have already registered will be informed by the company itself. You will also find a short-term change from a face-to-face to a digital event there. If in doubt, please ask the companies directly.