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Our job platform


The university job platform is an online platform that provides vacancies for students and graduates.
With a wide offer of internships, bachelor- and master theses, promotions, dual studies, student trainees, career starts as well as offers for young professionals, it is heavily targeted towards students.

Originating from the department of informatics at TH Nuremberg, 15 other universities in bavaria participate.

This connection to our partner universities ensures to cover a vast display of the regional labor market, raising the interest of big enterprises and SMEs in recruiting via our service.

Our students

The website for students is bound to the corporate design of our partners, thus integrating seamlessly into the online presence of respective universities. Useful search functions, assignments to faculties and a responsive web design, suited for desktop computers and smartphones each, will provide an effective way of searching vacancies.



We are still there for you. If you can’t reach us directly, then please send us an email to
We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Offer extended

This offer is now valid till December 20th.
We doubled the term of our one-month-offers: buy one get one month free. (The offer is not transferable to purchases already made.)