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Hochschuljobbörse Online-Plattform für Stellenangebote



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How to register?

Select the button register.

Please enter the required data. Fields marked with * are obligatory.

After the registration you will receive an e-mail to validate each of your e-mail addresses. If you have one e-mail address for both contacts you will receive only one e-mail for validation.

By answering to this e-mail you validate your stored contact e-mail address.

After validation you may use your account to place your advertisement.

What to do in case of forgotten password or username?

Select the button login.

Below input fields Username or password forgotten? message appears.

Please fill in your stored e-mail address used for registration and send it to us.

You can change your password using the link sent to your e-mail address. Below that link you can also see your username.

If you asked for it several times, please just use the link in the latest e-mail.

After that log in with your username (not e-mail address) and your new password.

You are also welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail.




How to post vacancies?

Your account has to be activated (see How to register).

Select the button Online ordering to open input form.

Enter the required data. All fields marked with * are obligatory. Please notice that the optional fields help find your advertisement.

When your advertisement is complete, please read and confirm our terms and conditions and select 'release' or select 'save as draft' if you think that you will need some modifications.

Our quality management will control and publish your released advertisements.

When will my advertisement be published?

You have to publish your advertisement. It can be found in My account in the section Advertisements waiting to be published.

After release your advertisement will undergo quality controls and will be published soon.

We will contact you using your stored e-mail address or phone number (voluntary detail) if uncertainties or questions arise looking through your advertisement.

How to do if the advertised vacancy has been filled?

You can find your advertisement in My account in the section Currently published advertisements.

Select is filled. With that your advertisement will be cut off.

You can reactivate your advertisement during its remaining term or use it as a template for further advertisements.

How do I extend the advertisement duration?

You can copy your advertisement and release it again to be published. Please keep in mind to update your stored dates in the text.

Please bear in mind that the same price is applied for non-free advertisements as for recently created ads.

Is it possible to alter my already published advertisement?

You cannot modify already published advertisements yourself.

Please contact us to change your ad (see Contact).

How can I find my advertisement?

Select For students on our homepage. Therefor you do not have to be logged in.

Look on the map for the university you selected in your advertisement.

Click the name of the university and you will be redirected to the job offers.

In the section Search choose for example category and faculty which you want your ad to be published in.

Please contact us if you have problems finding your advertisement (see Contact).

Which category should I choose?

Put your vacancy in the correct category please. If you put your ad in the wrong category, you considerably reduce your prospects of success of your search.

  • Internships during studies, voluntary or mandatory, are an essential part of study. With few exceptions every bachelor degree course requires a practical semester of about 20 weeks. Scope, content and time are regulated by the respective university or faculty study and examination regulations. For more pieces of information visit the respective homepages.
  • Student jobs are mainly for semester breaks and can be outside students' subject.
  • Working student jobs are taken by students during semester with about 10 to 20 hours per week. A working student job has to correlate with students' subject.
  • Jobs for dual studies This category is reserved for our associated universities.