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Our online job platform works like a platform for electronic advertisements. You decide at which faculty and at which university you place your electronic advertisement.

  • Would you like to reach students of three faculties at one university?
  • Would you like to reach students at one faculty, but at three universities?

It is your choice – the basic price stays the same. Of course you have the option to book additional universities if you wish.

Price list

1 month3 months6 months
Practical semester-   for free   -
Bachelor or master thesis-   for free   -
Jobs for doctorands-   for free   -
Jobs for cooperative study programs-   for free   -
Working studentGrundpreis40 €60 €80 €
je zusätzliche Fakultät5 €5 €5 €
Part time jobGrundpreis40 €60 €80 €
je zusätzliche Fakultät5 €5 €5 €
InternshipGrundpreis200 €400 €500 €
je zusätzliche Fakultät40 €40 €40 €
Job for alumniGrundpreis200 €400 €500 €
je zusätzliche Fakultät40 €40 €40 €
Trainee programGrundpreis200 €400 €500 €
je zusätzliche Fakultät40 €40 €40 €
Job requiring prefessional experienceGrundpreis200 €400 €500 €
je zusätzliche Fakultät40 €40 €40 €
Jobs for university dropoutGrundpreis200 €400 €500 €
je zusätzliche Fakultät40 €40 €40 €

Prices are excl. VAT


By buying a contingent you obtain a deposit with considerable reductions. Your deposit will be available immediately. With every order subject to charge the price will be charged off your deposit. Your deposit will be available for an unlimited time. No refund is possible.

To purchase a package please logonn.

Packet 11,1001,000.00 €100 € (9.09 %)
Packet 21,6801,500.00 €180 € (10.71 %)
Packet 32,2802,000.00 €280 € (12.28 %)
Packet 42,9002,500.00 €400 € (13.79 %)
Packet 53,5403,000.00 €540 € (15.25 %)
Packet 64,8804,000.00 €880 € (18.03 %)
Packet 76,3005,000.00 €1300 € (20.63 %)
Packet 87,8006,000.00 €1800 € (23.08 %)


  • You yourself write your advertisement into the online form. We lead you through the layout step by step. Individualize your advertisement with your own logo. You can also link your advertisement to your homepage.
  • The entries to our platform are monitored and edited, this is why your offer will not be visible immediately. It has first to be given permission by us. This is usually done within a few days.
  • Your offer stays active for the chosen period of time.
  • After the end of the booked period of time you will receive a reminder email by us.
  • If you have found someone for the offered position, we would like to ask you to mark the position as closed.
  • If you would like to advertise the position again, you can use the link in the reminder email. This gives you the opportunity to prolong your offer as long as you wish or to modify it as you wish.

Our general terms and conditions are valid.

What is the difference of a practical term in contrast to other forms of internship?

"A course program at a university of applied sciences in Bavaria is characterized by a stress on practical knowledge and an aiming towards the concrete requirements of the practical job after studies." [translated from german]

This is why practical terms are a crucial part of the study program.

Practical terms

With few exceptions it is required of all students of our Bachelor programs at the universities of applied sciences to have one practical term lasting 20 weeks. Duration, content and time are set be the faculties and universities individually in their study and examination regulations.

Please refer to the homepages of the universities for more information.